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About Us

Shayna Foundation is the first Not-For-Profit Housing Company of India. 

The organization is founded by IITians on the principle of providing modern, affordable and stylish living spaces across the country.


In the ever changing, dynamic and competitive mood and market of real estate, one name has consistently been a trailblazer, setting the trends for others to follow. The innovation-centric, future-focussed Shayna Foundation led by Mr. K. B. Gupta and Mr. Shashank Gupta has been the pioneering force behind the rapidly changing skyline of North India, with developments that span the residential and education sectors.


Our Mission

To contribute to India’s economic development with infrastructure that has positive impact on environmental and personal health of individuals as well as the society.

We are here to revolutionize, remodel, transform, revamp and shift gears. We are here to stay!

Our Vision

Short term vision of Shayna Foundation is to deliver around 500,000 modern and stylish houses across all cities of Uttar Pradesh, India, in the next 15 years of its inception. These houses will be built on a not for profit model and will be around 30% cheaper than the market value. 


Long term vision is to scale this model up to the whole of India.


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